Sightseeing / Things to do:




Chinese New Year:

The Chinese New Year Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of the Chinese tradition. They celebrate it every New Year and welcome any guests and visitors who would like to join them. Not only do they have vendors around every corner and delicious food within the restaurants, but they also offer traditional arts.

This includes dancing, singing, and acts you may have never seen before right on stage. To close the festivities, they light fireworks towards the end of the day. They celebrate towards the entire length of Chinatown. The parade starts around noon and the entire event lasts until 6 p.m. Admission is free for anyone who would like to come.



Gerrard Street


Gerrard Street:

Gerrard Street is one of the famous roads in Chinatown. It has a number of bars and restaurants and is a route that you will get used to during your visit to Chinatown. The area is full of attractions, from the many restaurants and cafés of Chinatown to the nearby nightlife of Soho and Leicester Square.



Food & Drink:




Wong Kei:

One of the most, if not the most famous restaurant in Chinatown is Wong Kei. The restaurant is one of the largest in the UK, has a capacity of around 500 guests and offers really affordable Chinese cuisine.




Leong´s Legend Restaurant:

One of the best restaurants in Chinatown is Leong´s Legend Restaurant. You should make a point of visiting here and sampling a taste of delicious and traditional Taiwanese food.